Rachel started Rock & Co in January 2016 while juggling two kids and a career in advertising as a media strategist. Guided by a strong ‘knowing’ following a chance encounter with a piece of Citrine a year earlier, Rachel was inspired to create Rock & Co. Rachel’s intuition served her well, with Rock & Co growing rapidly and to become the “most coveted crystal brand in Australia”.

In 2017 she left the advertising world behind to focus full time on Rock & Co and her growing work within the healing space. Rachel hosted regular workshops and events across Australia and New Zealand, educating and empowering people to harness the healing power of crystals within their own lives.

In 2018, inspired by her love of healing and fascination with how the subconscious can create our reality, Rachel completed her studies to become a certified hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational (RTT) Therapist. After personally suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem and post-natal depression in the past, Rachel’s empathy and passion for understanding the human mind, and why we do the things we do, is innate. 

“I truly believe that if we can understand ourselves at a deep level, if we can peel back those layers of conditioning, get rid of old, out-dated beliefs that are holding us back, then we can move forward and have a richer experience of life,” says Rachel. “RTT helps us truly move forward, beyond the past, so we can we can feel lighter, more aligned and more ‘true to ourselves’ than ever before.”

Rachel now works with clients all over the world, helping them overcome all kinds of problems including anxiety, emotional eating disorders, removing money blocks, relationship issues and even helping them fall pregnant naturally after years of trying. Sessions are mostly conducted online via Zoom or Skype, with a limited number of appointments available in-person in Sydney’s Paddington.

Rachel was named one of Women's Health Magazine’s '25 Trailblazers on a Mission to Change Your World' in 2019, and has also been featured in Real Living, Elle Australia, Marie Claire Australia, Baskk, Peppermint, Yen Magazine, Body & Soul, The Wayward, Byrdie and more.

She is also interviewed regularly on podcasts, and has appeared as a guest on The Inspired Table with Jordanna Levin, and The Mother Loving Future Show.