I’ve experienced some incredible and instant moments of crystal healing, shifts and manifestation without having to program or set a crystal’s intention. It’s as if that particular stone came into my life with a purpose and a mission of its very own.

I’ve also had crystals that have taken a while to ‘get to know’ or to feel drawn to. I’ve simply kept them around me in the house and over a period of a few months felt more and more drawn to using them. I might find myself holding one during meditation for clarity, or having another next to my computer while writing.

Then there are the crystals that I have specifically programmed for manifestation with incredible results too. A piece of (heat-blasted) Citrine that I programmed to improve abundance in our lives comes to mind. It had instant results that very week in three very unexpected ways – which turned out to be the catalyst for my path into working with crystals.

You will discover which way to use the particular crystal that you’ve chosen – and if you don’t know right away – just live with it for a while and it will come to you.

The one thing I do with every new crystal that comes my way is to cleanse it. This helps make it mine and shakes off any energy that may have been picked up before it came into my life.

If you would like help with setting intentions for your crystals you will find the Intention Setting Guided Meditation on my site listed under "meditations'.