Due to the sensitive nature of my sessions the below clients would like to keep their identities private however wanted to share these words, for which I am forever grateful;



“As I sit here writing and reflecting I have tears running down my cheeks. I am a self-proclaimed sceptic who wound up willing to try anything as I was drowning with my own anxiety. Anxiety that I’d never had before or hardly even realised I had. I just assumed that everyone felt flat like me, everyone worried about dying and everyone cancelled plans frequently to stay home.

I had lost my smile, I lost my laughter and I lost my care in the world. It was terrifying. I turned to Rachel and what happened I cannot even explain. I was brought straight back to the present moment after our session. I instantly felt a weight had lifted off my shoulders, I felt light and I felt ready to be happy again.

Of course this was overshadowed by my above mentioned sceptical nature. How long would it last? I listened and listened to the recording, I expected to slip back to my dark way; my tired, sad, reclusive ways. A month has passed and I’m wonderful! I’m free from my mind, I’m happy, I have energy and I want to be present with my family, my friends and in my life. My laughter fills the corridors again.

Thank you Rachel, thank you for making a difference and opening my eyes again. The sceptic is now happy to tell the world that actually works!”


“Contacting Rachel to address my missing period was a blessing in disguise. Rachel was so understanding, calm and sensitive but also professional and full of wisdom. She helped me realise that my health issues were not so random after all and that the issue began due to emotional blockages.

After my session I instantly felt a weight lift off my shoulders and for the next few days I felt lethargic. After those first few days passed, I have felt fresh and brave; more at ease and peaceful within myself.

During the first month I listened to my recording everyday and started to notice some physical changes (I felt hopeful). Rachel's voice is so calming that most nights I fall asleep instantly. I kept up with the recording during the second month and then, my period came back.... after 2yrs!

Thank you Rachel for being you and for choosing RTT. You truly are a wonderful human and an exceptional therapist.”


"I will admit I was sceptical about what RTT could do for me. I've battled against disordered eating since I was a teenager and I didn't really believe a single session could help dismantle the overeating and emotional eating patterns I've relied on for almost two decades. But here's the thing: It did.

Rachel is an incredibly empathetic and supportive person, and I felt so safe sharing extremely personal information with her. I took her advice to trust in the process, even though during the session I sometimes questioned the validity of the memories that popped up.

Rachel helped me to make connections I hadn't seen before -- a feat given I've been in and out of talk therapy and CBT since I was 15. Walking out the session I told her felt "full". Now I realise that feeling was actually comfort. What she has given me is freedom.

It's now been a few months since my session and despite the fact I have been through some incredibly rough times, including the death of a family member and other stressful events, the once always there urge to stuff my feelings down with food has disappeared. I owe Rachel so much for her help and her love."


“I came to RTT because I wanted to address my money mindset. I have read books, recited affirmations and looked at my upbringing. It wasn't until I saw Rachel that I started to shift from intellectually understanding an abundant mindset to really feeling it in my bones.

Within a week of our session, I upped my rate - and felt completely worthy of it. By week two, I had booked triple the clients I usually did in just one day, and experienced numerous career-related synchronicities.

At week three, I am feeling clear in my worth and trusting of my ability to support myself - something I thought would take years, not days, to build! I have infinite gratitude for Rachel and this method”


“Initially I felt very apprehensive about booking a session. I was worried about what would come up during the session, how it would make me feel, if it would even work. 

When I first started asking Rachel about RTT and if it would be right for me, she was caring and supportive, taking time to talk me through the process.

From the very beginning of the session, Rachel put me at ease. I was amazed at what came up during the session and immediately afterwards felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was like I released emotions that I had never been able to before. 
I was a little worried about my commitment to listen to the recording every day as my track record is not great with commitment, however I have found I absolutely love and look forward to listening to my recording. 

My month of ‘required listening’ has been and gone and I still listen to it most nights as I fall asleep, or if I am having a day where I need a little extra support.

My behaviour and thoughts have changed so much since my session. I am more positive and much less anxious. I feel so much more in control of the choices I make and the feelings of guilt that I carried around are nearly non-existent. Seriously life changing! I can’t recommend it to anyone more.”


“When I reached out to Rachel, I had a lot of beautiful things in motion for my business but I also felt like I was holding back in some way. I felt like something was stopping me from showing up as fully me and sharing my gifts.

Since my RTT session with Rach, I’ve noticed myself showing up in much more vulnerable way and sharing things that feel good to me — without worrying about what others think. I’m way less stressed, excited about the things I’m creating, and trusting and knowing the right ideas and people will flow to me.

It's like I know the people I'm meant to help won't be turned off by me showing up wholly and fully. It's been pretty dang freeing! It feels like for the first time I’m not holding back for fear of being too much.” 


“I cannot thank Rachel enough for the life changing impact her RTT therapy has had on me. 
Facing the end of a long term friendship and partner, both at the same time was really difficult and within 48 hours of my first session I was seeing, feeling and thinking differently.

I had not imagined that the therapy would create such an impact on my life but I am forever grateful that it has. Rachel is such a calming, friendly & caring soul and has been a great support throughout the entire process. 

My initial thoughts on listening to the recording for 21 days was that it would be too much but now after the 21 days if I am feeling down or don’t feel as strong as I have been, I listen to the recording and it still has an impact on me. 

I would highly recommend this. It can help in so many areas. You won’t regret it.”


“I spent thousands of dollars jumping around seeing different specialists and naturopaths trying to get my rare skin condition.

After my RTT appointment with Rachel I still wasn’t convinced it had ‘worked’ but I was committed to listening to the recording and seeing it through to the end of the 28 days.

By day 14 all physical signs of my skin condition had totally disappeared! I cannot recommend RTT more to anyone.”


“Before RTT, I was constantly worried about money management, how to handle money and not waste it and also my ability to save for my future. I was living way beyond my means and this was effecting my home life and relationships.

After a session with Rachel, this changed dramatically. No longer was I scared of how I would deal with money. No longer did I fear from my potential “excessive” behaviour. I felt free. I felt alive and have never looked back.”